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SealantsThis market broadly encompasses portions of the roofing, rubber, joint compound and paint industries. It is both oil based and water based in nature. There are high end sealants, such as silicone based sealants, and low end, such as asphalt based “mastics” used in roofing and construction sealants. While sealants may contain generic rubber or resin compounds similar to those used in the “rubber” industry, those used in sealants are uncured or “wet” when packaged and sold. The drying or curing process occurs after the sealant has been applied to the final substrate.


AMI’s products play a role in this full range of sealant products. Gel quality attapulgite is used as a thickener in both oil/resin based sealants and water based sealants. These products include asphalt mastics, latex caulks and automotive tire injection-repair sealants. Kaolin is used as a low cost filler in rubber based caulks and sealants, while silica is used in high performance silicone rubber sealants.

Products of choice for this application are: